Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Vintage Windows

Okay y'all, I'm not going to lie. This summer, school stuff has NOT been my main focus. I am in the process of buying a house (I'm SO excited and I just can't hide it!) and I have been having so much fun looking for furniture and DIY projects for my new crib. Now that I will have a REAL home, I am working on ditching the college furniture I had for some fun, new (to me) adult furniture. 

Yesterday I found two of these fabulous frames for $15/pair on a local "buying/selling" site.

So...What should I do with them? 
I have been Pinterest crazy since I picked them up trying to find the perfect project for them. Let me know your thoughts and I'll make sure to show you the final product when they get finished!

Happy Wednesday! 
After today... only TWO more before my summer is over. =(

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Teamwork

This week I've been brainstorming some fun ways to encourage SYNERGY and TEAMWORK in my classroom. How do you encourage this in your classroom? I'd love to hear!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's July!

Does anyone else need background noise? I do! I'm "watching" the Today show while I work.

Is anyone else LOVING the World Cup? I've got my USA tank on and I'm pumped about heading to a local brewery with 1000 of my closest friends to root for the USA today! Will you be watching?

Summer… Where have you gone? I go back to school at the beginning of August. I better enjoy my last month of freedom!

I would love to get into my classroom. I love getting it prepared early so when the back to school rush starts I don't have to worry about it. Babysitting is taking over my summer! It's good for my bank account but BAD for my classroom! hah!

I need to work on my lesson plans because...
4th grade here I come!

I still see myself as a relatively *new* teacher,but its been nice to have been in the same grade for three years.I am EXCITED and a little nervous to move to a new grade.
So much new stuff to learn! But also... so much new stuff I can create! 
Let me know your favorite 4th grade blogs!

//4th plans//
I love the 4th! Whether it's hanging out with family or going to the lake, it always seems like there is something fun going on! This year I will be hanging close to home, but my fam will hit up a massive rummage sale and catch the fireworks at night. 

Happy July and Happy 4th of July!
Also.. GO USA! Turn on those TVs and watch this afternoon! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

New school year... New GRADE! Ah!

Well, its official.
Next year I will be moving on up...
4th grade here I come!

I still see myself as a relatively *new* teacher,
but its been nice to have been in the same grade for three years.
I am EXCITED and a little nervous to move to a new grade.
So much new stuff to learn! 
But also... so much new stuff I can create! 

Have you moved to a new grade?
Let me know how it was! Any tips?

Also, let me know your favorite 4th grade blogs!

Excited and ready for the "Adventures of Ms. Smith.... in 4th grade!"
I'll be back soon with some decor ideas and resources I have been working on!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sweet Summertime...

Wow... it has been over a month since I last blogged.
I love blogging, but I have really been enjoying my summer.
We got out the last week in May 
and I have been on full force summer mode since then.
Today.. for the first time since school got out... I worked on school stuff.
"Summer mode" has been fun but it's time to get back in school prep mode action!

What have I been doing? 

I spent a few days relaxing on the beach right after school got out!

 Then I headed on a 10 day mission trip! 
God's creation is absolutely stunning. 
Thankful for the opportunity to explore his creation
and to share his word.

Unfortunately the adventures are basically over for the summer. 
Now it's time to prep and plan for next year... 
let the countdown to August begin!

What adventures have you gotten yourself into?
I'd love to hear! =)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's MAY!

A new month means it's time for a new currently! Love this linky!

But first… I must share this hilarious meme that was circulating yesterday. 
Love me some Justin and N'Sync!
(I should have posted this yesterday but it's too good not to post even though I'm a day late!)

Now time for May's Currently…
Thanks for the link up Farley!

I LOVE HGTV. Yes. I do. I watch it WAY to much.

Found out this week I am going to have a NIECE. I am soooo stinkin' excited!

Today felt like a Friday ALL day. Boo. We left early on Monday due to severe weather and didn't have school at all on Tuesday due to the weather so this should have been an easy week. Why am I so tired?

I am obsessed with brownies. They are my favorite dessert. I bake them way too much… I am actually baking some now. All for me. 

I am in love with the cute Mother's Day crafts Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies just posted about earlier today. I am going to have to find some time in our crazy testing schedule to make them! 

Well, I'm off to watch HGTV, eat brownies, and shortly after that I'll head to bed.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

End of the year MOTIVATION!

With SUN, SAND, and SUMMER VACATION just around the corner… 
How do you keep your students motivated and engaged?
We haven't even started standardized testing and I can already feel 
the kids getting chattier and more eager for summer.

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