Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This Thanksgiving Holiday I have SO much to be thankful for. This time last week I was jobless, substituting in a different classroom every day of the week, hoping for a steady job at some point in the future. Well, this week my hopes and wishes came through. I was interviewed on Monday morning and I was offered a position Monday afternoon. I am taking the spot of a retiring teacher and I start... MONDAY. I have this Thanksgiving break to get EVERYTHING ready, organized, and under control. Overwhelming? Yes, but I am far more excited than I am overwhelmed!

I decided to create a blog so I could share my successes and trails with all of the fellow teacher bloggers out there in cyber space. I have used your blogs so much as inspiration during my college career and I can't wait to look to you guys for ideas and inspiration as a teacher.

Well, now I must go plan my first week, decorate my room, and organize the loads of stuff the teacher that I am replacing left me. Wish me luck! If any of you have any advice, I would love it. =)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Since this post is about what I am SO thankful for, I decided to join my first linky party over at What The Teacher Wants! I am new to the blog world so hopefully it links up correctly. =)