Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ohhh, the things kids say... =)

So I was going to go to bed, but then I found a SUPER fun linky party. =)
Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle is having a "Kids say the darnest things" linky party,
and boy do they! =) I had to link up and add some of my favorites. 
Some of my kiddos say the most hilarious things that I just have to stop for a moment and laugh.
I try to write them down so I will remember them over the years...
Below are a few of my most recent favorites. 

I know I have shared this next one before,
but it is one of my favorites. =)

Don't forget to head over and link up. Can't wait to read yalls funny kiddo moments.

PS - I promise to post something worthwhile sometime soon! =)
Happy almost Friday! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help: One Question!

Hello lovely ladies in blog world! 

I have ONE (or two) simple question(s) for you today. 
I would REALLY appreciate your response. 
I am talking to some student teachers on Thursday
and I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

What do you wish you would have known as a first year teacher?
What helped you land a teaching job?

I would love to hear your answers to these questions!
I am meeting with them to talk about being a first year teacher,
but I would love to be able to share some advice from veteran teachers as well! 

Thanks in advance for sharing!
-Ms. Smith

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who doesn't love Tim Tebow? =)

Who doesn't love Tim Tebow?
Haha, okay... I'm sure some people don't, but I sure do.
Today Tim Tebow paired with the Book it! Program
to read "Green Eggs and Ham" to students all across America.
We had a few extra minutes, so I went to the website and let my kiddos watch him read the story.
In the south, football rules, so my boys LOVED that Tim Tebow read to "them". 

I'm not sure how long the link will be up, but check it out. 
It is pretty funny & I'm sure your footbally playing boys will love it! =)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hodge Podge!

Whew, what a weekend!
Friday night started with my school's Valentine "dance" and boy was it fun.
It's times like Friday where I realize how much I love my job.
I love seeing my student's in a different environment then in the classroom. So fun! =)
I think they enjoy seeing me outside of teacher mode as well. =)
Some of my kiddos attempted to teach me how to was NOT successful.

Saturday I roamed around town and was INCREDIBLY productive.
I got my kiddos Valentine's presents whipped out. 
I made my students' bookmarks. 
Last year I made these for my internship class and they were a huge success 
so I decided to make them again this year. They are SO cheap to make which is a plus. =)
I stuck these bookmarks into a goodie bag with some pencils/erasers and a cute little toy. 

I know many of you are wondering... 
Well I am excited to announce that Kelly over at Busy in Kindergarten was the winner! 
Kelly check your email. =)

Finally, even though I am late to the party, 
I had to link up with Farley in her Currently February Linky Party! =)

Alright, I think thats enough randomness tonight! =)
Have a happy Monday tomorrow! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Black History Month

Happy February! Whew, January flew by. 

Now we are in the month of love, hearts, AND African American History. I am SO excited to share this project I did with my 4th grade class for Black History Month last Spring during my internship. My class was very lucky and they got a solid 40 minutes of history every single day. I know that doesn't always happen. We definitely don't get that much time in third grade. Still, I thought I would share this idea with you and maybe you can find a way to make it work for your class. 

I'll call this activity the:
African American Research Activity
(I've never been a very creative person hence the lame name for this activity. hah)

Basically the class is broken into groups. They are given a famous African American and they are to research that person. I gave each group a couple books about their person that I checked out from the library. In the download you will find a worksheet for them to fill out as they go. It took block of history time to get the information on paper.

This is the worksheet given to students.

The second day students worked together to transfer their information onto a poster. This was definitely the most fun part. They had a template to follow, and they created a stick person poster of their famous African American.

This is the stick person template the students followed.

One the third and final day, the students stood up and presented their poster to the class. 

The super cute finished products:

My 4th graders LOVED this assignment because it was so different from what we normally did during history. I loved this activity because it taught students how to research, how to work together, and they were able to practice their presentation skills. 

CLICK HERE to download the worksheet and poster template! 
Don't forget to leave some love (and follow me on TPT) if you download. 
I like to think maybe one day I will make some stuff that is good enough to sell. =) 

PS: I have no clue who came up with this super cute idea for researching people. 
I learned about this in my teaching history class in college. =)

Let me know what you think! What do you do for black history month? 
Also, I have 49 followers...SOMEONE, ANYONE follow me so I can make it to 50! I am SO close. =)