Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm BACK! =)


Whew, It seems like I haven't been in blog land in AGES & man have I missed it!

Here are a few of my not so good excuses as to why I've been gone...
1) The internet at my apartment was out for a week! I almost died!
2) Last week was CRAZY.... end of the 9 weeks. Grades had to be in by NOON on Friday = stress.
3) Next weekend I am hosting a wedding shower for two of my best friends that are getting married. It is going to be a BBQ and it is coed, and I am pumped about it. I have been crafting like crazy for it. 
4) It is SPRING BREAK. I am trying my best to not think too much about school so that I can fully enjoy my break. Part of my spring break will be at the BEACH... stoked! =)

On to other things...
I finally uploaded the remainder of my Multiplication Concentration games on my TPT store.
They are in several different listings... two fact families per download. 
I hope you guys enjoy! =)

Finally, I always LOVE a good linky party!

Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies is having an upper grade linky party...
SO excited to find all sorts of new blogs I need to follow. 

Whew, I hope I got you guys updated.
SO glad to be back in blog world. 
Looking forward to catching up on all of yalls amazing blogs.
Happy Spring Break to all of you on vacay like myself. =)