Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Goodies!

I absolutely LOVE holidays... like all of them.
I love the crazy, hectic parties and all of the festivities.
We don't have much time to stop for Halloween, 
but I am planning on incorporating some fun activities into our normal day.

It isn't a holiday without TREATS, 
so tonight I made my spider goodies for my kiddos.
My mom used to make these for my class when I was little
so she was pumped when I told her I was carrying on the tradition.

How to make Halloween Spider Goodies:
(Best part about these, the supplies cost less than 7 bucks!)
1) Cut out a large square of black netting and fill the middle portion with candy.
2) Cut pipe cleaners in half. You need four half pieces of pipe cleaners for each spider.
Using your pipe cleaners, form 8 spider legs. (This also holds the netting together.)
3) Using a hot glue gun, glue eyes to the top of the netting. (Netting might need to be trimmed first.)

Your kiddos will be sure to love these fun treats!
(At least I hope mine will!!)
Have a fabulous Halloween! =)

Also, Congrats to Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars 
for winning my Halloween Craftivity from last week! =)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Great minds think alike!

Be prepared! This is a LONG one...
A giveaway awaits for those who can make it all the way to the end! =)

A few weeks ago I did a quick post on my Halloween Craftivity.
Well, my class as still not gotten around to this activity
and Halloween keeps creeping closer and closer!

I kept pondering what kind of writing activity we could do with this. 
I wanted this writing to be structured and geared toward one of our standards.
Finally... it hit me! 
Students can describe who is hiding under the ghost costume.
This covers our descriptive writing standard.

We started today by making an anchor chart on descriptive writing.

Then, my students had to describe ME! (Some of their answers were hilarious!)
We made a web of descriptive words about myself, 
and then we removed my name from the middle of the web. 
I ran into the hall and grabbed another teacher.
We asked her to read our descriptive words and to try to guess who it was. 
She was able to correctly guess who we were describing and the kids were in awe!

Next, I gave each student a web and told them to use descriptive words to describe themselves.
We talked about how even though the word "boy" might describe you,
it is not very specific and doesn't help us understand who is being described.
After students had a few minutes to write their describing words down,
I collected the webs.  
I then read the descriptions of each student without reading the name.
The class had to guess which student I was describing.

The students loved this activity and enjoyed describing themselves 
and guessing their classmates descriptions.
All of these activities enforced the importance of using visual describing words.

Throughout the rest of the week we will continue the rest of our writing stages.
Once we publish, we will make the craft to go with our writing.
Our finished writing will go with our Ghost crafts.
We don't know who is under each ghost, so parents, teachers, etc.
will have to read our descriptive paragraph to see who is hiding under each ghost costume!

Halloween Craft at TPT:
This download has been updated with a web for your students to brainstorm ways to describe themselves. Then, they can use the included paper to write their published descriptive paragraph.

So where did the title come from?
Well, I got a fabulous email from Kristin at Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten.
She teaches Kindergarten (obviously, hah!) so my download is too in depth for her kiddos.
She adapted my craft to meet her own students' needs & she decided to use descriptive writing as well!
I thought it was hilarious that I started a descriptive writing lesson with my students today and she did something very similar with her kindergarten kiddos.
Great minds think alike! =)
I would love for you to go check out how she incorporated the idea of this Halloween ghost craftivity and descriptive writing in her classroom!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Did you make it to the end of this post?
If so, leave me a comment! 
I will give this craft to one random person who leaves me a comment! 
(Leave your email and winner will be decided Wednesday!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Resource Scavenger Hunt (Freebie!)

This week our "focus skill" in 3rd grade is using resource books. 
This means we have been becoming familiar with the Dictionary, Thesaurus, and even the Atlas.
We have talked about what we can use each source for
and we made an anchor chart to remind us when to use each source.

We can talk about using these skills day after day,
but what really makes these skills sink in is actually USING these reference books.

So, I created a quick little "Resource Scavenger Hunt" where students must complete 3 tasks.

Task 1: Using a Dictionary
Task 2: Using a Thesaurus
Task 3: Using an Atlas

Each task has five questions. 
The only way students will know the answers to these questions is to use the resource listed.

To make this activity even more interesting, I turned this into a scavenger hunt.
I broke my class into small groups, 
and their goal was to quickly and accurately find the correct answer.
This is a BONUS because we not only practiced our focus skill, 
but we worked on team work! (Win!!)

Hopefully some of you can find this freebie useful in your classroom!
(I think any Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Atlas would work just fine, 
but I used children's versions to make it a bit easier for my third graders!)

Do you have a fun activity that you do when you are teaching resources?
Let me know!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trashketball Fun!

How do you review?
I absolutely love reviewing because the students always love it so much.
I am always looking for fun new games and ways to review information with students.

Yesterday we played one of my all time favorite review games...

This goes way back.... all the way back to when I was in middle school. 
I loved it so much it has stuck with me ever sense. 

I break my students into two teams.
Each student is asked a question.
Even though only one student is asked the question, 
everyone must pay attention because if that students gets it wrong, 
I will pick another student (at random) to answer the question.
(I like to pick the one who doesn't seem to be paying attention. haha)
If the student gets it right,  they get to take a trashketball shot.
(This seems to be the most nerve-racking thing ever!)
This simply means students get to take a shot into a basket on my floor.
My "ball" is a crumpled up piece of paper.
There is a two point shot and a four point shot.
They get decide which one they want to take. 

This is so fun because they cheer each other on the entire time...
during the question answering portion and during the shot.
Everyone is also constantly listening and engaged. 
This way they are taking in the information they need for their test.
Side note:
We have a rule in my classroom that you have to silently cheer for your teammate.
This means that if I hear noise, the points don't count.
It is always hilarious to see my students silently cheering.

Now that I have shared one way we review in my classroom...
How do you review in your room?
I would LOVE some new ideas. =)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is It Halloween Yet?

Oh boy, do I love Halloween.
It is a day filled with fun and excitement.
At my school, the kiddos always dress up like their favorite book character.
So fun! =)

I was trying to come up with a creative craft for my kiddos to complete either on Halloween or leading up to it at some point. ( I love to have pretty things to hang in the hallway!)

So, I created a...
Halloween Ghost Craftivity!

This download includes everything you need to make cute  Halloween (Trick or Treat) ghosts with 
your children. Pair this up with a Halloween writing activity (paper included) 
and you have the perfect Halloween craft and writing activity!

Included in Download:
Cover Page
Easy to use stencils
Writing pages

Now, if only it was Halloween week!
It seems far away now...but I have a feeling it will be here before I know it!

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Yeah! Time for this months CURRENTLY.
I love doing these at the beginning of each month.
It gives me time to reflect on the past month and look forward to the month ahead.

I always get excited about the month of October because of...
Fall weather (Well... sometimes we get fall weather in October. HAH)
Fall clothes... boots and scarves (When the fall weather finally gets here!)
Halloween festivities
Pumpkin Patch
Oh how I just love fall!

Okay, check out my October currently! =) 

Love the book "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything"... it is such a fun classic. I love reading all sorts of different October books to my kiddos. There are so many good reads out there for this month!

=) Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

A funny story AND a freebie!

Happy Monday, yall!

Funny story alert!
While reviewing the three states of matter on Friday, I asked the simple question...
"What three states can we find matter in?"
I called on an eager student and his response was...
"Well one of them is Alabama, right?"
This led to a discussion about what the word "state" means. HAHA.
I guess I didn't cover that word enough. Oops.
After Friday's funny moment, I think everyone knows that matter can be found in ALL 50 states! =)

Today I thought I would share another one of the matter activities my students have completed.
This is a simple review of the three states of matter.
My kiddos love any type of cut/glue activity so I made them a quick little matter sort worksheet.
The purpose of this is to just reinforce the difference between solids, liquids, and gases.
This is an example of one of the files you can find in the matter unit I just posted on TpT!
(We will talk about more about the unit later this week...)

You can download it for free on Google Docs HERE.
I made this little activity free because it doesn't have any fun graphics.
I don't have enough stored graphics on my computer to cover solids, liquids, and gases...
and I would have had to of purchased several different sets to get what I needed.
So, I just decided to make is  a sort using words. 
My kiddos still enjoyed this for morning work this morning.

I am trying SUPER hard to get back in the routine of posting on here more often.
It is just insanely hard because for some reason I am so busy.

WAIT! One more thing... =)

I also want to link up with Lisa at Learning is Something to Treasure for her FREEBIE Flashback.
One of my very first freebies was my multiplication scoot.
Looking back at some of my very first freebies... I have come SO far.
But, the great thing about this freebie is it is simple, but fun!
Check it out HERE! 
(and then head over to Lisa's page to check out some other fabulous freebies!)

Have a FABULOUS week and Happy October!