Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I need a break... a brain break!

I have recently started incorporating Brain Breaks in my classroom whenever I can tell my students are losing focus, getting sleepy, or the opposite... getting antsy. My students LOVE these breaks, and they know that if we take a quick break, we have to immediately get back to work. After our break, I immediately get back into what we are doing, so there is no time for distraction. I really think it helps keeps my kiddos engaged and I wish I would have started it sooner. 

Today I wanted to share my kiddos current favorite brain break. 
It is a dance from Ice Age called the Continental Drift.
The dance is super cute and I catch myself and my kids humming the song 
and dancing the dance at completely random moments.

Because I am new to the idea of brain breaks my supply is limited.
What do you do for brain breaks?
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some new ideas!

On a side note, 7 days until Spring Break AND our final 9 weeks started Monday.
Where in the world has this year gone? It has FLOWN!