Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Super Sale Time! (Woot!)

It's time for a SALE.
I cannot WAIT to load up my cart with some terrific items.
After I make my purchases, I will make sure to share with you guys all of my favorites. For now, here are some of my best sellers that will be ON SALE for the next two days! 

EVERYTHING you need to teach text features (based on Common Core standards!)

EVERYTHING you need to teach a two week Matter unit.

Need something fun to do before Christmas?
Break out this All About Rocks mini-unit.
Best part about this unit? EDIBLE Rocks. They are a HUGE hit!

Centers, Graphic Aids, and much, much more!

Last but not least…

Plan ahead and grab thisend of the year craft!
It is sure to be a hit! 
(& It's a great time filler for those crazy last days of school!)

Shop your hearts out, y'all! =)
I'm off to do some retail therapy myself…
I'm hoping shopping will help me forget about the cold weather that came back today.
I want SPRING! =(

Saturday, February 15, 2014

High 5 for…Wait…What day is it?

This week has been CRAY.
Like to the point I am having trouble remember my days and dates.

It started off in Colorado.
Myself and some friends decided to take a trip to see some REAL snow and to hit the slopes. It was SO stinkin' fun. I must say that skiing is HARD. It was super frustrating at first, but the more I did it, the better I got. Whew. 

Just when we thought our trip was coming to an end on Monday, our flight got cancelled. CANCELLED. All I could think about was… I have to get to work!

Just when I was about to have a mini-panic attack from not making it home on Monday night, school got cancelled due to snow chances at home. RELIEF.

I finally made it back to school on Wednesday and after 2.5 hours of being back it was announced we were having early dismissal due to snow chances again. We sped through lunch and dismissal and all the kiddos got home safely. 

After a week as crazy as mine, I thought I was deserving of a heart shaped Chick-fil-a biscuit for Valentine's day. Yes, Chick-fil-a… I WILL be your Valentine. Hah! Man, I love that place.

Well, theres my CRAZY week in a nutshell. 
With temps in the 70s cruising in, I plan on soaking up the spring like weather, relaxing, and grading the mound of papers I came back to after having a sub for three days. Y'all have a good one!