Sunday, March 16, 2014

Motivational Quote Monday

I absolutely LOVE motivational quotes.
Throughout high school and college I would find fun quotes and post them in my bedroom, in my planner or even on a mirror to help encourage or motivate me. I continue to love using fun quotes even in my professional career. 

Even though I still personally enjoy posting them around for myself to see, I also enjoy finding fun quotes that I believe my students would understand and be motivated by. I have a large white board at the back of my classroom that often is left empty. It is old, not magnetic and NOTHING will stick to it (no tape is strong enough…Hah!) so I often find myself writing fun quotes for my students to read and reflect on.
Last weekend I stumbled upon the PERFECT quote for my classroom. My school is using the Leader in Me program and we are always talking about what characteristics and traits make up a leader. I think this quote will be a great reminder for my students. I can't wait to share it with my students this week. I can't wait to see what discussion arises from it as well!

I tried to figure out who wrote it but I had no luck. 
If you know what creative mind first said this, please let me know! =)
If you can use this poster in your room I'd love for you to grab it through the link below!

Do you have a favorite quote?
I'd love to hear it! 
I'll need a new one for my big white board soon! =)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

High Five for Friday!

THANK GOODNESS for daylight savings! My long commute has been beautiful this week. I am loving the sun shining down on me on my drive home instead of it setting on me. Hah!

I just need to give my personal laminator a shout out. It was quite possibly the best purchase I've made as a teacher. It comes in handy so much!

We've been deep in space this week and the kiddos have really enjoyed learning about each of the planets. They have been using these posters to research about planet sizes, distances from the sun, etc. Find these fun activities on TPT here!

Another reason daylight savings is so stinkin' awesome is because I can actually get things accomplished at night. Car wash for the win!
*On a side note… does anyone else HATE car washes? My car got stuck once and the car behind me hit my car and then I was pushed into the car in front of me. I was literally screaming in my car because all I could do was watch it happen. I couldn't open my door or everything would get wet. Luckily everyone was moving slow enough that it did no damage but it for sure stressed me out! Now I live in fear whenever it's time for a car wash. Hah!

I am officially half a century old today. YIKES!
Looking forward to fun with friends celebrating this weekend. =)

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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Solar System Fun!

Have you guys ever started a project and forgotten it? Abandoned it? 
I have SEVERAL, but for some reason, last week I decided to pull this one out of the archives. We are starting our Solar System unit next week and I really wished I had this project done so I could use it. Well… after several nights of work it is FINALLY finished. Whew. The best part is that I feel so much better about this unit! Our science books are older (and plus books are boring) so I like to pair the book with some fun activities… and I think I accomplished that with this pack!
What will you find in this pack? See below! 

Planet Posters (one for each planet)
These posters are colorful and include lots of fun facts about each planet.

Planet Mini-book (and answer key)
These mini-books will give your students all of the information they need to know about each planet. You can complete these with your students OR you can let your students complete them by looking at the planet posters.
(We have been using the posters and mini book the past two days in my classroom and the kiddos have really enjoyed it! The posters were displayed all around the room and they had to find the information they needed for the books.)

Planet labeling worksheet
This is a simple, but fun worksheet where students will label all 8 planets. When they are finished they can color the page for a great solar system order guide.

Solar system KWL chart
Students can keep this in their science binders. They can fill this out throughout the course of your unit.

Planet matching game
In this center your students will match the correct planet to the correct information. For a more advanced activity, have your students play solar system memory match.

Cut/paste solar system worksheet
In this activity students will determine whether or not an item is a planet or another space object. 
They will cut and paste each picture in the correct category.
They will cut and paste each picture in the correct category.

Planet ABC Order
Students will practice this basic skill by putting space words in ABC order.

Adjective planet activity
Students will write sentences about different planets using vibrant adjectives.

Space writing prompts
These fun writing prompts will get your students thinking and writing creatively.
Have students choose their favorite prompt or choose one for the entire class to do.

Sentence Strip Solar System
Students will color and cut each planet and glue them in the correct order on a sentence strip.

It is priced at $5 but it is on sale for 24 hours!

What are some cool resources you use to teach the Solar System?
I would love to know any fun ideas you might have!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I LOVE read alouds...

I LOVE read alouds!
It makes me incredibly sad there isn't more time for them.
In my classroom we are always working through a chapter book together, but some times it takes us longer to get through one than others.

This week we had a few extra minutes so I grabbed up our current book and began to read.
The chapter was SO stinkin' funny that I couldn't read I was laughing so hard. 
My laughter made the students laugh and we all sat their for several minutes snickering about our book.  It's moments like this that make my students think I am CRAZY. 
But it's also moments like this that help students understand that reading can be FUN. FUN. FUN.
I don't want students to think that reading is boring or something you just have to do at school. I want my students to leave my room knowing that reading can be fun. I hope our laughing moment helped put a little spark in their brains that it really can be both fun and FUNNY!

What were we reading? 
"Wayside Gets a Little Stranger"

If you haven't read the Wayside books with your kids… do it now!
They will be on the edge of their seats the entire time.

What are your favorite read alouds?
I'd LOVE some ideas!

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