Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The COOLEST online consignment boutique.

I LOVE a good deal.... 

I love good deals SO much that I don't buy things unless they are on sale or cheap! Hah! The thing is... I like nice things, so I don't just buy things because they are cheap. A while back I stumbled across a fun website called Twice. It is an online consignment store that sells brand name women's clothing. I LOVE consignment stores so I knew this website would be perfect for me...
and it is.

All you do is head to the website and search under the different categories. Load up your cart and purchase brands like JCrew, Gap, etc. for super deep discounts. I just purchased three fun tops that I will have to show you guys once they come in!

Ways to save even more on Twice!
1) Download the app and receive a $10 credit. (This promotion was going on a few days ago and hopefully it still is for you guys!)
2) Refer friends! You get $10 for every friend that purchases something off of Twice!
3) Use the code "trendsetter" at checkout to receive an extra 15% off. (I am THAT person that always googles coupon codes. I found this one and magically... it worked! Woot!)

Another thing I LOVED about Twice is you can also sell your clothes!

The Twice website has an interactive "sellers" portal where you can search specific brands to see what amount you might receive for an item you send in. Twice sends you a back to put all of your clothes in and it ships FO' FREE. Once they receive your bag they send you an email with how much cash they will send you for your items.
***I sent in my first bag on Friday. I'll give you guys an update once they process my bag. I sent in 9 items. It included brands such as JCrew, Loft, Banana Republic, Anthro, and Theory. We will see how much money they are willing to give me for it! = )

Here is my first package getting shipped of to Twice! =)

Have any of you tried Twice? If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences. I am a newbie to this fun website so I'd love to hear from someone who has used it before. I will come back with an update when I receive my fabulous new shirts and again when Twice sends me an evaluation of the clothing I sent in! Happy Monday! =)

**Twice did not ask me to write this blog post. I just enjoy informing the online community of cool things when I find them! = ) I also can receive a store credit for each person that orders something through my referral link! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Classroom Must Haves!

At the end of the summer Pacon was SUPER kind and sent me a few boxes of goodies. Back to school craziness hit, and I neglected to show you what amazing goodies I received! This FABULOUS long weekend allowed me to get caught up and get a blog post listed!
First off, Pacon sent me a roll of their FABULOUS fadeless paper, some border, and some fun letters. I have plans for these so I am going to debut those items on a second post.

My second box contained a classroom management center and a fabulous planner... 
two classroom MUST HAVES for the 2014-2015 school year!

#1 Classroom Management System

This was a fabulous surprise to receive in the mail. It comes in a flat box (it reminded me of IKEA... ha!) but it was a breeze to put together. Another thing I loved about it was that once it was all set up, it was super sturdy. It will definitely be able to handle the wear and tear that comes along with anything that goes in a classroom.

What do I plan on using this for?
I  plan on using the top three compartments for paper! Computer paper, lined paper, and colored paper. This will make grabbing paper SO easy to manage. The bottom compartments will contain extra highlighters and erasers... two things my students are always asking for!

#2 Teacher Lesson Plan Book

I loved this item for many reasons! I am always looking for a place to organize my lesson plans. This book is PERFECT. It has spots for long-term planning and weekly planning. There are lots of boxes/room and it will hold everything I need.

What is one of your classroom must haves? I'd love to know!
Don't forget to check out Pacon for all of your back to school needs!
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